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  • adj. Swept, angled, or slanting backward: a backswept hairstyle.

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  • adj. Swept back.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. aligned from front to back; slanted toward the back; -- used of hair.

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  • adj. used of hair


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

back +‎ swept


  • The clerk was a small man of indeterminate age, and in spite of working in a wig shop, his own black-died backswept hair was thin and flecked with dandruff.

    Babylon Nights

  • Primarily artifacts of the 1950s, rocketship movies inevitably featured square-jawed American heroes, evil villains (who were more than likely Godless Commies) and sleek, cigar-shaped craft fitted out with graceful, backswept fins and needle-shaped antennae at the nose.

    Simple Tricks and Nonsense: March 2004 Archives

  • Weapons mounts sprouted from every possible angle—Sisko, eyes narrowing, counted four projections that should be phaser mounts on just one of the down-curved, backswept wings—and the hull was laced with what appeared to be sensor points.

    Proud Helios

  • He described the aircraft as being silver in color (except for the underside of the tail and nose which were painted black), and having single, backswept tapered wings.


  • The sleek, backswept wings, the double bubble of the canopy perched almost too far up on the aircraft, its sleek, aerodynamically sound nose.

    Arctic Fire

  • As he accelerated, his wings folded themselves to their sixty-eight-degree backswept configuration, and a moment later he slid smoothly through the sound barrier.


  • He wore the latest backswept wig, and his coat was cut velvet, embroidered all over with hundreds of frivolous silk butterflies.

    Dragonfly in Amber

  • The MiGs dropped like hawks stooping on their prey, four silver-gray aircraft with backswept delta wings.


  • Tombstone could see the silvery arc of one of the Russian's outboard turboprops, could see the markings painted on the backswept wing, a huge red star bordered in white.


  • Swamp buffaloes are slate gray, droopy necked, and ox-like, with massive backswept horns that make them favorite subjects for postcards and wooden statuettes in the Far East.

    1 Introduction


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