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  • n. A contention, retort, or reply.
  • n. A contradiction or answer to put off an engagement; a countermand.
  • n. A section of commentary at the end of a book.


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back +‎ word


  • These backword right wing exterimists expect women to stay home and cook, clean, and obey all their orders!! jaye

    McDonnell accused of flip-flopping as he runs for governor

  • He fell backword, apologizing profusely for the intrusion while I took to hurtling solid objects at his fleeing postierior!

    dailycomic Diary Entry

  • Surely, Iain, 'the sword of truth' requires you to publish the (allegedly) 'agreed words' of this councillor, even more so if she has (allegedly) given backword and flipped?

    How to Defect Twice in Twelve Hours

  • These backword, easily duped law enforcement officials, are just not aware enough to reject the lies told to them, and they've set themselves up to be knocked down by an overwhelming force because of their own complicit actions.

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • Net 2.0 (which should be backword-compatible with 1.1 sites), but changing the executable back to the 1.1 version does not resolve the problem.

    ASP.NET Forums

  • Web analytics will still be dealing with the transactional, backword-looking web stuff at the Tactical /

    Marketing Productivity Blog

  • I prefer "less" rather than "more" because less allows backword paging as well as forward. when you say the tmp@ is green is it green text on a black background


  • We could also call mho a backword, but we are better off staying with the family of - onyms.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XXIII No 4

  • If you try actually working backword you quickly find the information you need is only available at research libraries, which a typical observer won’t have access to or time to visit.

    Von Storch: Hockeysticks, the tragedy of the commons and sustainability of climate science « Climate Audit

  • September 22, 2008 at 3: 24 am lol some of you guys are soo obsessed. i lovee them and all, but talking about joes underwear? hehe and like youd rather hear about joes day at the gym? okay .. "who cares if a guy got hurt by another 17yr old boy and fell backword on a display case meanwhile the other guy got arrested? News


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