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  • noun Attributive form of bad faith


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  • Mona Boshnaq/Agence France-Presse - Getty ImagesOccupy Buffer Zone demonstrators have pitched tents in a United Nations-controlled strip of Nicosia, Cyprus, to protest decades of separation between the ethnic Greek and Turkish populations of Cyprus and what they call a bad-faith reunification effort.

    NYT > Home Page

  • He misrepresented the law, apparently in an effort to reach a bad-faith result and to provide legal immunity for torture.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » My Contribution to the NYT ‘Room for Debate’ Blog on the AQ7 Argument

  • It doesn't take long for the bad-faith arguments underlying the case against the CBO to present themselves.

    Health-care Rashomon

  • Michael Neal: ok, I actually made the effort to go back to the orginal comment, and see exactly WHAT I said that so confused the issue – obviously, when I said Now, California already has laws banning fraudulent rescission of insurance, i SHOULD have said Now, California already has laws banning bad-faith rescission of insurance

    Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Just do it

  • Associated Press U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson The Judge said the Administration is making bad-faith arguments that are "manifestly incorrect" and contrary to the well-established legal precedents "that they themselves had identified and specifically insisted they would honor" in earlier proceedings and motions.

    'Borders on Misrepresentation'

  • * The Obama method: One way to deal with that kind of bad-faith opposition is to draw the person in, treat them as if they were operating in good faith, and draw them into a conversation about how they actually would solve the problem.

    America Loves Tuesdays (And So Do I) « Gerry Canavan

  • In an event entirely without precedent, a Republican senator has negotiated with Democrats for months on a contentious, highly charged political issue only to back out at the last second out of obscure, bad-faith process concerns.

    Breaking News « Gerry Canavan

  • The stealing of childhood – Humbert's bad-faith, maudlin concluding comment on hearing the distant sound of children playing – is continually and much too self-consciously referenced in Margaux's account.

    Tiger, Tiger by Margaux Fragoso – review

  • This type of use is called cybersquatting, which, as defined by a 1999 federal statute, involves registering or using a domain name with the bad-faith intent to profit from a trademark belonging to someone else.

    Daniel Grant: Q. What's In a Name? A. Your Artistic Identity

  • Something similar may explain why some progressives find it so easy to ascribe opposition to Obama to racism — a move conservatives tend to see as an exercise in bad-faith demonization of dissent.

    Unfunny = Racist


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