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  • The husks of walnuts.

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  • noun Plural form of bad.


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  • Lastly, environmental "bads" - carbon, airline fuel etc - need to be taxed.

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  • We had good active members (mostly no "bads" -- aka unskilled players), raided every evening with the exception of Sunday, and most people spent our day off farming for mats we'd need the other six days.

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  • What I am for is labeling, and not just labeling "bads," but labeling "goods" as well.

    Wendy Gordon: Fishing for Labels

  • If you think government is always "bogus" then perhaps it's because you have a black and white view of how government should act and in your model, government shouldn't encourage social goods or discourage social "bads" -- activities that impose burdens on those who don't engage in them.

    Heads you win, and they do, too (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • My brother's girlfriend said wasn't it interesting that no-one ever gets funding for studies that investigate the positive side of the "bads" like booze or pot or whatever.


  • Taxing such "bads" as hazardous wastes could generate $130 billion a year in the United States, calculates the Worldwatch Institute.

    Adam Smith Turns Green

  • This tells us that maybe we should consider taxing 'bads' instead of 'goods'.

    Michael Graham Richard: Americans Drove 9.6 Billion Fewer Miles in May 2008, Biggest Drop in 66 Years

  • Maybe someday if we start taxing "bads" instead of "goods" (pollution, carbon, toxins instead of labor, income, capital gains) the least expensive products will also be the greenest, but right now that's not the case.

    Michael Graham Richard: 4 Reasons Why Recession is BAD for the Environment

  • This would be a case of taxing "bads" not "goods," with benefits for growth and the average voter's bottom line independent of any problematic evidence about CO2 and climate.

    The Coming Oil Investment Boom

  • And because there's been down's syndrome, and duchenne's, and other genetic 'bads' within close circle of family close enough that I've had to go through genetic counselling once already it had to be put on the table once again.

    What I Don't Know Can Hurt Me


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