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  • adjective Resembling a bag or some aspect of one.


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bag +‎ -like


  • USSTC's solution is Revel, a small, tea-baglike pouch filled with smokeless tobacco powder and flavoring that the company hopes to launch in the U.S. next year.

    Changing Habits

  • She shrugged hard inside the baglike sweatshirt, avoiding the answer.

    The Town

  • Sarah Klein, a neighborhood resident, said that until the confusion was cleared up, she would leave the house only if she wore a baglike snood.

    In Israel, a Ban on Indian Wigs; In Brooklyn, a Rush to Comply

  • Of course, the baglike covering intended to serve a seriously injured escapee using the LB, one whose hurt body could not be suited up if the emergency landing had been made on a planet with a hostile atmosphere and it was necessary to leave the boat.

    Uncharted Stars

  • Behind the head came the bloated, baglike,, limbless body, as big as one of the colossal wine vats in King Ario-stro's cellars.

    Conan Of The Isles

  • Axes, ropes, a big baglike bucket for hauling up snow, snowshovels, and other things considered necessary were taken along on a couple of dog - trains to the spot where the steam was quite visible, now that it had been discovered.

    Winter Adventures of Three Boys

  • When all the snow was thrown out that could be reached with the long-handled snowshovels a rude windlass was made, and then the leather baglike bucket was brought into requisition, and the work went on as fast as it was possible to haul up the snow and have it dragged away on the dog-sleds.

    Winter Adventures of Three Boys

  • Come on man it was on the table! definetely baglike tendencies and he is lucky my asian buddy didnt sucker punch him in top chef masters. - News

  • 8. Anatomy, Zoology. a baglike or pocketlike part; a sac or cyst, as the sac beneath the bill of pelicans, the saclike dilation of the cheeks of gophers, or the receptacle for the young of marsupials.

    They Got the Idea From the Lesbian Seagull « Whatever

  • maryellenwalton 1 March 2011 5:39PM peterNW1 shows the modern version I think - the original was more baglike:

    The Guardian World News


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