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  • noun Plural form of bagworm.


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  • And, butterfly caterpillars do not cause the leaf damage some people associate with some moth caterpillars such as bagworms, tent caterpillars, or gypsy moths.


  • It is my considered opinion, as a professional entomolotician, that the city is suffering through its worst infestation of bagworms in 47 years.

    Dallas Blog, Daily News, Dallas Politics, Opinion, and Commentary FrontBurner Blog D Magazine » Blog Archive » Dallas Under Attack From Bloodthirsty Bagworms

  • Gerard was on hand to stand behind the mar - shal's chair, pour the marshal's tea, and commiserate with the marshal's concerns over those he considered his most implacable foes: aphids, spider mites, and bagworms.

    Dragons of a Fallen Sun

  • It will soon be time for bagworms to attack junipers and other narrow-leafed evergreens.


  • This camouflage works very well because most homeowners overlook these bagworms for several seasons until their presence and damage on plants become very apparent.

    The Daily News - News

  • Bagworms may be controlled on small shrubs and trees by handpicking or cutting bagworms from infested plants during late fall, winter, or early spring, before the eggs inside hatch.

    The Daily News - News

  • Place bagworms in a plastic bag or container for disposal by household trash pickup.

    The Daily News - News

  • Don't discard the bagworms onto the ground since they are capable of crawling back onto plants.

    The Daily News - News

  • After leaves fall from deciduous plants, bagworms are easy to spot because they look like brown cones dangling from branches, but on plants that don't form cones.


  • Ankeny officials say the influx in bagworms has occurred not just in Ankeny but in other areas in the southern part of the state. - NEWS


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