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  • n. Plural form of bail-out.


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  • Burghart says anti-Islamic tendencies have become far more marked in the grassroots organisation: As we move farther and farther away from the Tea Party origins, that were ostensibly around debt and bail-outs, social issues like Islamophobia are replacing that anger, that vigour.

    English Defence League forges links with America's Tea Party

  • European competition regulators have ordered both banks to sell off assets to compensate for their state bail-outs, and Lloyds is currently in the process of looking to sell some 630 retail bank branches.

    Lloyds Banking's finance director to quit

  • Funny, the GOP (with help from the Democrats) creates a massive house of cards that was the US housing market fuelled by unregulated Wall Street and then they (pretend to) complain when bail-outs are needed to keep the house of cards from blowing down completely.

    Thune: Stop TARP before more damage is done

  • He points to the panic that spread across markets in Europe in August, fueled by comments from European Commission president, José Manuel Barroso , that the euro zone bail-outs had had little impact.

    A Hands-On Approach

  • And so the options are to be drawn reluctantly and repeatedly into bail-outs or to attempt to act pre-emptively to prevent crisis conditions from emerging — which, of course, means a move toward common European fiscal policy, including regular transfers between states as takes place in America.

    Matthew Yglesias » Ever-Closer Union

  • The Source RBS Edges Toward Recovery The 83% state-owned bank took a series of bail-outs in 2008 and 2009 and is now selling and running off assets not considered crucial to its future business.

    RBS Warns of Tough Recovery

  • Wall Street got huge government bail-outs but banks continue to stiff-arm families victimized by risky lending practices.

    Peter Dreier: Want to Help Homeowners? Replace the Mansion Subsidy and Require Banks to Act Responsibly

  • Republican administrations brought the national debt from under $1 trillion when Reagan became president to nearly $11 trillion when Obama became president; Bush handed off the worst economy since the Great Depression to Obama; if the stupid Republicans had their way, there would have been no bail-outs and no stimulus, and the economy would have continued its collapse, resulting in a WORSE SITUATION FROM EVERY PERSPECTIVE.

    Uncle Sam is $1 trillion in the hole

  • At those levels, the government is about £16 billion under water on its £62.7 billion net stake in the two banks, which it acquired through a series of bail-outs in 2008 and 2009.

    RBS, Lloyds Shares Fall

  • Remarks about the bail-outs being "liberal spending" is a bunch of malarkey and another indication of how many Republicans refuse to look at the facts, or simply fail to understand.

    Parker Griffith's staff resigns


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