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  • adj. Attributive form of balance beam, noun.

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  • n. The beam of a balance.
  • n. A long beam attached to a drawbridge, the gate of a canal-lock, etc., serving partially to counterbalance its weight, and used in opening and closing it. Also called balance-bar.


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  • In "Truck and Field," gold-medal winners like Dan O'Brien will jog on a treadmill that's been mounted atop a military tank; others will perform pommel-horse and balance-beam routines on a pair of wooden sculptures that replicate airline seats, says commissioner Lisa Freiman.

    The Art World's Olympics

  • In grade school I was almost on my way to hooping, it seems, because I found that I liked sports and activities that involved fun props and instruments: baton, roller-skating, flag cheerleading, volleyball, gymnastics at the balance-beam. | Blog | DeAnn DeLuna: Inside The Hoop

  • Bobby and I move over to the scaleone of those old, mechanical, black-and-white scales with the balance-beam arm.


  • After winning the all-round title, she failed to win any gold medals the next day in the four individual events and fell in both her balance-beam and her uneven-bars routines.

    Bounds For Glory

  • I heard about an Olympic gymnast who lost the use of one eye in a balance-beam injury.


  • Equipment on the Maple Leaf included a balance-beam scale, a mortar and pestle, minié balls, candles, and storage jars and canisters. (left) [LARGERIMAGE] A soldier's gear could have included a coffee pot, canteen, spurs, belt, shaving gear, and musical instruments. (right) [LARGERIMAGE] (St. Johns Archaeological Expeditions)

    Steam Machines

  • He could not possibly perceive when his balance-beam was out of its centre, and if he had seen a slight leaning to one side, and that side not his own, he could not have conceived that the scales of justice would have been very much affected.

    The Rise of Canada, from Barbarism to Wealth and Civilisation Volume 1

  • The regular working of the machinery was aided by the employment of a balance-beam connected by a chain with the head of the large piston and pump-rods; and the whole of these powerful machines by means of three of which as much as 789,840 gallons of water were pumped out of the mines every 24 hours -- were set in operation and regulated merely by the turning of a stopcock.

    Industrial Biography

  • Now the first American male skater to score gold since Brian Boitano in the 1988 games in Seoul, Chicago-born Lysacek, 24, has also found love in high places - with balance-beam gymnast and fellow gold-medalist, Nastia Luikin.

    Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip Blog

  • Think of them as balance-beam gymnasts, while the rugged little horse you grew up on might be more akin to a member of the hockey team. News


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