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  • adj. Characteristic of a ballad

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  • Of, pertaining to, or of the nature of ballads.


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ballad +‎ -ic


  • To what purpose does Wordsworth turn an initially hesitant chivalry in his 1798 Advertisement, which edges on a courage-less use of anonymity to assert a kind of balladic verisimilitude, into full fledged medievalism by the 1802 edition?

    Wordsworth’s Balladry: Real Men Wanted

  • The balladic framework can be heavy-handed at times, but it adds a mythical quality to what could have been run-of-the-mill space fantasy.

    January 15th, 2009

  • But her gift for animating metaphor with sudden drama very much the Coleridgian tactic shines through these few balladic stanzas whose desolating last line curls and repeats with a wave-like inevitability.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • In slow tempos and balladic passages, it lends a sense of yearning; up-tempo, it suggests urgency.

    Five Hot New Jazz Discs

  • From it's fairly strong opening, M83's latest slides into balladic yawn-inducing synth washes and over-long ambient bliss-outs.

    Save me from the flames (Music (For Robots))

  • The self-conscious balladic simplicity of the Mask, including its adoption of the popular-print and pamphlet idioms, is further evidence of his attempt to "throw his voice" into the fray from a position outside it.

    Shelley, Adorno, and the Scandal of Commited Art

  • I agree with the things you said ... some songs are a little drawn out; I end up skipping through those sometimes, but balladic songs are stronger.

    Blonde On Blonde

  • The more balladic love songs are getting better. “I Want You” and “4th Time Around” are better than “She Belongs To Me” or “Love Minus Zero”. “Just Like A Woman” is just okay.

    Blonde On Blonde

  • Yes; there were in New York and Brooklyn some fine non-technical singing performances, concerts, such as the Hutchinson band, three brothers, and the sister, the red-cheek'd New England carnation, sweet Abby; sometimes plaintive and balladic -- sometimes anti-slavery, anti-calomel, and comic.

    Good-Bye my Fancy ; from Complete Poetry and Collected Prose

  • Home, Goldberg's band turns melodic and balladic when it wants to, or suggests Latin grooves, or becomes a hyperkinetic post-bebop hydra.

    NPR Topics: News


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