from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • suffix Abnormal or excessive flow or discharge: menorrhagia.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Greek -rrhagiā, from rhēgnunai, rhag-, to burst forth.


  • Former big-league umpire Larry Barnett notes that three decades ago, umpires went from using outer chest protectors—giant balloon-like shields—to modern chest protectors inside their shirts.

    Step Up to the Plate—and Stay There!

  • Diverticular disease — This afflicts about half of all Americans by age 60, involving small, balloon-like pockets that develop in the colon wall.

    The lowdown on colon health

  • Finally, when she saw a sliver of sunlight through her doorway, she pulled on her new clothes—the long-sleeved, knee-length dress and the balloon-like pants with a heavy sweater over it.

    Lipstick in Afghanistan

  • The local emergency room identified the cause pretty quickly: Jay had diverticulitis, small, balloon-like sacs protruding from the surface of his large intestine into his abdominal cavity.


  • “Brooks Brothers shirts are cut to be very blousy—almost like a spinnaker,” the balloon-like sail used when sailing downwind.

    At the Brooks Brothers Hip Hop Summit

  • Lechuguilla Cave is not only the deepest at 494m (1,604 feet) and longest at 193 km (121 miles), but contains the largest collection of hydromagnesite balloon-like formations, subaqueous helictite formations and calcite speleothems.

    Carlsbad Caverns National Park, United States

  • Rather, Varda maintains a tight control over her seemingly languid images, often offsetting the balloon-like floating of the camera with striking formalist compositions recalling the early films of Bergman and Antonioni, though Varda has always insisted that she was no cinephile and had seen hardly any films when she made this debut.

    La Pointe-Courte

  • This would be my issue: casting a woman with disproportionate, balloon-like, plastic boobs.

    Auditions are underway

  • From before: In my wondrous vision, this chap is peddling a flying bicycle that spits out all sorts of bubbles which get caught in an air balloon-like net overhead and keep the magnificent contraption afloat.

    That Daring Young Chap and His Highflying Dirigibubbler 2

  • In Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, Carl Sagan postulated the existence of balloon-like life forms "floaters" and winged hunters that "eat the floaters both for their organic molecules and for their store of pure hydrogen."

    First Super-Earths Discovered Around Sun-like Stars | Universe Today


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