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  • n. A parachute that incorporates a toroidal balloon


Blend of balloon and chute (Wiktionary)


  • One of the technologies riding on the rocket included a novel supersonic balloon parachute - known as a ballute - which appeared to deploy in photos, but failed to operate as planned.

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  • If you google the word "ballute" you will find lots of material on inflatable heat shields.

  • The rocket body, nose cone and ballute were all recovered on Spaceport America property, Armadillo officials said in a Feb. 1 statement.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • The rocket's body, nose cone and ballute subsequently fell back to Earth to make a "hard landing," officials said.

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  • But despite the ballute failure, Armadillo Aerospace officials said the STIG A-3 rocket launch accomplished its primary mission, which was to determine the booster's maximum performance capability to test several modifications that had been made since an earlier December flight of the same vehicle.

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  • For the Gemini program, it developed a ballute system, an inflatable balloon-parachute combination that slowed the descent of spaceships re-entering Earth's atmosphere.


  • The ballute - an odd cross between a balloon and a parachute - had been rejected by experts as a tool to strike an enemy missile. - Bush-Cheney Trials in '09

  • ballute recovery system meant that the vehicle's Global Positioning System driven steerable main parachute could not be deployed as intended, Armadillo officials stated.

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