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  • noun Plural form of balsero.


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  • They have been to Guantánamo to sing to desperate rafters called balseros, conducted prayer vigils when a little boy became a political pawn in Fidel Castro's script. Stories

  • Prior to the 1995 Adjustment Act revision, the U.S. admitted Cubans rescued at sea, also known as balseros, and had seen a mass migration from the island totaling upward of


  • He shot in Cuba, in Guantanamo (where there were prison camps for "balseros" or boat people before prisoners from Afghanistan were sent there), and in the US, where life was not always sweet or free.

    GreenCine Daily

  • In the early 1990s, thousands of desperate Cuban balseros cast themselves adrift on rafts, tires and any other makeshift craft that could float.

    How Far Will the Gulf Gusher Spread?

  • Unlucky balseros who launched into the Loop Current in summer 1994 wound up swirling helplessly in these eddies, never nearing Florida.

    How Far Will the Gulf Gusher Spread?

  • He met with groups of balseros, or rafters, those who fled to the US by boat, but were subsequently returned to Cuba.

    Chapters Twenty-one and Twenty-two: The Arrest of Dissidents in March 2003 and the Hijackings in April 2003

  • For years, they had gone out looking for balseros -- people on homemade rafts trying to escape from Cuba.

    The Lost Brothers

  • When they spotted a raft, the planes circled low, dropping small radios in waterproof wrapping so that the air crews could talk to the balseros and offer to call the U.S.

    The Lost Brothers

  • That sharply reduced the number of balseros needing help from Brothers to the Rescue, and it may have encouraged Basulto to pursue other activities.

    The Lost Brothers

  • In a trendy cafe on South Miami Beach last week, two Cuban intellectuals amiably debated the issue that is galvanizing the city -- what to do about the balseros.

    'How Can We Say No?'


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