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  • n. A style of Pakistani cooking in which the food is cooked in an iron pan having two handles.
  • n. A dish cooked in this style.


From Urdu بالٹی (baalti, "pail") (Wiktionary)


  • If someone has the temerity to push an A5 piece of paper through your letterbox, offering you a balti meal deal in spite of your pithy homemade NO HAWKERS.

    That's Britain!: Grace Dent's TV OD

  • Eileen's entire life consists of eating a balti slice, wearing a minicab controller's headset and berating her son Jason's ex-girlfriends.

    Grace Dent's world of lather

  • For instance, we're looking to put on films in a former church or above one of the balti restaurants on the main road.

    Pride of Place

  • Liberal Democrats comments: bonkers burnham balti birdsong said ...

    "Politics is failing Wales"

  • Despite working so hard, they still had the sense of humor to refer to our bank plan as “the balti bailout,” after the take-out curry dish that had been so regularly delivered to officials trapped in meeting rooms hammering out the deal and unable to leave for meals.

    Beyond the Crash

  • But in the world of Westminster expense claims, you are guilty until proven innocent so if Alex Salmond wants his name cleared, the balti is in his court, so to speak.

    You'll have had your tea First Minister?

  • Beer and sandwiches may have given way to balti and shiraz with isolated shoals of fish and chips, but the big formal bash is anathema.

    Law Maker, Promise Breaker: Questions for Ashcroft

  • Tüüpiline on muidugi see, et balti DVD kaanepilti wõrgust ei leia, isegi wõrgupoodides on igal pool poster.

    Boogeyman (2005)

  • I am sure the proprietors of our balti houses, sushi bars and Chinese takeaways would rush to agree.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • Did you eat a balti before 1984 or have a mullet before 1994? BBC WORDHUNT.


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