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  • noun See bhalu.
  • noun A kind of wildcat, Felis sumatrana, native in Sumatra.


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  • Why, not for the world would he harm her, or her balu, which is the ape word for baby.

    Jungle Tales of Tarzan

  • His balu was a greater responsibility than he had counted upon.

    Jungle Tales of Tarzan

  • When Tarzan came to the cave mouth the hyenas were nowhere in sight, and after permitting Tibo to quench his thirst in the spring which rose near by, he lifted the boy to his shoulders and set off toward the jungle at a rapid trot, determined to still the annoying howlings of Momaya as quickly as possible, for he shrewdly had guessed that the absence of her balu was the cause of her lamentation.

    Jungle Tales of Tarzan

  • This comment was originally posted on Twitter balu said at 3pm on Nov 9th # |

    New microsyntax for Twitter: three pointers and the slasher | FactoryCity

  • He switched the last two syllables, "balu," to "baru," which means "new" in Malay, and the Kinabaru cake was born.

    Dish: Mont Blanc Meet Mount Kinabaru

  • So one gorged on chiroti, balu shahi, besan, rava and motichur laddoo, karanji filled with a coconut filling, chakli, shankar pali, chivda, shev, kadboli and anarse all throughout the Diwali week.

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • It is commonly known as chachafruto, balu, basul or sachaporoto in Colombia, guato in Ecuador, and pashuro, pajuro, basul sachaporoto or sacha purutu in Argentina and Bolivia (Ruskin, 1989).

    Chapter 10

  • Why, even the tiny balu of the tribe of Go-lat, the great ape, was better fitted to survive than these, for a balu could at least escape the numerous creatures that menaced its existence, while with the possible exception of Kota, the tortoise, none moved so slowly as did helpless and feeble man.

    Tarzan the Untamed

  • When I was a little balu my skin, I presume, looked very white indeed against the beautiful, black coat of Kala, my foster mother and so they called me Tarzan, the Tarmangani.

    Tarzan the Untamed

  • It was Tarzan who had saved Taug's little balu from death.

    Jungle Tales of Tarzan


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