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  • n. Plural form of bamboo.


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  • Without a moment's delay, some of them cut great palm-branches to interpose between the burning house and the overhanging eaves of our dwelling; others tore apart the framework, scattered the bundles of plants, and beat the flames with green branches; while the Tenimber natives poured on water, which they carried in gourds and bamboos from the sea close by.

    Insulinde: Experiences of a Naturalist's Wife in the Eastern Archipelago

  • It seems likely that among the 1,250 species of the woody grasses known as bamboos, good hedge species can be found or bred for both temperate and tropical regions.

    Chapter 11

  • The best live fences are often made up of a combination of several species, such as bamboos, shrubs and vines

    Chapter 18

  • "You holds the bamboos down or on one side, and as soon as you're gone by up they springs again; and that's why they're called bamboos, I s'pose -- because they bamboozle you.

    Hunting the Skipper The Cruise of the "Seafowl" Sloop

  • Syon Park, London home of the Duke Of Northumberland, will have its oaks and bamboos glowing in various shades to provide a magical and jaw-dropping spectacle.

    Enchanted Woodland | Crunch 2011 | The World's Biggest Liar Competition

  • Bamboo forest is so beautiful and it reminds me of our neighbor he had a lot of bamboo and his house look like haunted because his house covered by many bamboos and. the bamboo grows taller and bigger.

    Urban Biofilter Project Plants Bamboo Forests to Clean up Brownfields | Inhabitat

  • His story goes like this the bamboos before is bonsai he give it to his girlfriend he loves her so much by the help of/through him his girlfriend finish her study despite of everything he left him.

    Urban Biofilter Project Plants Bamboo Forests to Clean up Brownfields | Inhabitat

  • Thin - or soft-leaved plants, including bamboos, are a disaster up here, because they lose water so fast through the leaf surface that they just shrivel.

    Gardens: Roof gardens

  • News at Eleven: These poems by Samuel Beckett need to be read three-dimensionally: that is, turned slowly until the variety of each poem's facets bring pleasure, if not always sense: "grave suave singing silk/stoop to the black firmament of areca/rain on the bamboos flowers of smoke alley of willows"--"areca" being a palm producing astringent nuts excremental activity is a Beckett motif.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Evoking the space of a forest, or of a group of bamboos on a surface of water, has been the main aim of the project.

    Spanish Pavillion at Expo Zaragoza 2008


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