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  • noun A standard-bearer; a bannerer.
  • noun A person belonging to one of the eight banners into which the Manchus are marshaled. See banner, 6.


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  • Words Microsoft Word squirms at: dirtmage, bannerman, barkcrabs, overshirt

    Books in 2008, #39

  • He is a loyal bannerman and sworn knight of Lord Tywin Lannister.

    The Mountain That Rides

  • Down went armed horse-down went accoutred knight-down went banner and bannerman — down went peaked boot and crowned helmet, and of those who fell not a man escaped with life.

    Anne of Geierstein

  • In part it was because the younger men deferred to Flinn, with his long experience as a bannerman in the Andoran Queen's Guards.

    The Path of Daggers

  • The two nobles frowned in puzzlement as they stood with the trumpeter, bannerman, and white-crested officer.

    Lord of the Isles

  • A grizzled senior bannerman had the Red Hand, a fellow with narrow eyes and more scars than Daerid who insisted on actually carrying the banner a part of each day, which few bannermen did.

    Lord of Chaos

  • Once the lads realized Jak o 'the Shadows was death, they started panting to find a bannerman.

    Lord of Chaos

  • Sure as water was wet, some of those men would be talking to a bannerman before the day was out, and most who did would sign their names or make their mark.

    Lord of Chaos

  • His face wore a sullen glower; he had not been best pleased at having to be the bannerman.

    The Fires of Heaven

  • Lords and lordlings reined toward Mat, each followed by a bannerman and perhaps a dozen retainers, until he had four hundred odd of the Cairhienin.

    The Fires of Heaven


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