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  • noun music A bamboo transverse flute used in the Hindustani classical music of North India.


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From Hindi बांसुरी.


  • On their trip they are assisted in changing personnels by a bunch of experienced world music and jazz players who add a wide range of additional colors such as bansuri, cymbalon, lute, tablas, trumpet and handclapping.

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  • Etymology: A flute is called a 'bansuri', where bans means bamboo, and sur means melody.

    Shadow Warrior

  • As for the featured instruments, many are familiar but others are new to average listeners, including a stringed North African oud, a noh kan Japanese flute and a bansuri North Indian flute.

    Conducting a New Language

  • Serenaded by an Indian playing a wooden bansuri flute, I felt as pure as I ever have.

    Perry Garfinkel: A Hind-Jew in India

  • Promising an adventure as well as tenderness, the film version anchors viewers in a setting that will transport them between Afghanistan and the U.S. Mr. Iglesias knew he'd have to employ a variety of traditional Middle Eastern instruments, such as the bansuri and ney, which are wooden flutes; the dulcimer-like santur; the rubab, an Afghanistan lute; and various hand drums, among others.

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  • His approach to the soprano saxophone emulates shehnai and sundri as well as bansuri.

    A Guide to Classical Indian/Jazz Fusion by Allen Alley Cat Lutins

  • Other articles made from bamboo-bark are the _chalni_ or sieve, the _khunkhuna_ or rattle, the _bansuri_ or wooden flute, the _bijna_ or fan, and the

    The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II

  • The group began with 'Vathapi Ganapatim' led by Chaurasia's hypnotic bansuri.

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  • In his hands, the bansuri bamboo flute becomes an instrument of tremendous power, virtuosity and versatility.

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  • There was also instrumental music from the bansuri (wooden flute) player

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