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  • verb Present participle of baptise.


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  • I favor the idea of baptising their living members into other religions, by proxy.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • She said their methods included "baptising" suspects in crocodile-infested water to extract confessions from them.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • In scores of other ways the same conception of the life-giving properties of water was responsible for as many applications of the use of libations in inaugurating new enterprises, such as "baptising" ships and blessing buildings.

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • “Isn’t it just what I told you, that such kind of baptising is the worst kind of swinishness in matters too holy to trifle with!”

    The Road Leads On

  • A few days later he'll celebrate Epiphany mass followed by his traditional baptising of babies in the Vatican's frescoed Sistine Chapel.

    Pope decries commercial glitter of Christmas

  • After taking offence to one of Jay-Z's lyrics last month, the U Can't Touch This rapper has finally issued his response, mocking – and baptising – Jay-Z in a new video clip.

    MC Hammer releases song blasting Jay-Z

  • JPII was really not trying to continue the sexual revolution by baptising it as West's interview with Nightline implies.

    Dr. Janet Smith replies to Dr. Schindler, defends Christopher West

  • That Freshwater page on may not be “owned and operated” or whatever by John Freshwater but the Info section does contain a lot of personal information that JF must have given the person who did create the page… including baptising new believers in their bathtub.

    Freshwater: Hearing testimony ends! - The Panda's Thumb

  • All this is going on while the Catholic Church worries about the tradition the Mormons have of baptising the dead.

    Pragmatism and Business in Genealogy « Cork Genealogist

  • In his Ecclesiastical History he describes Paulinus, Bishop of Northumbria in 625-633, baptising the ‘prefect’ of the city of Lindocolina (modern Lincoln) and conducting a mass baptism in the River Trent in the presence of King Eadwine (Edwin) of Deira/Northumbria.

    Archive 2010-09-01


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