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  • noun Plural form of baramin.


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  • There are two main baramins of pterosaurs: rhamphorhynchoid and pterodactyloid.

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  • Similar examples of rapid diversification in other vertebrate baramins could be given e.g. see Wood 68.

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  • Sounds like this fellow needs to continue the search for the liger and other baramins along with Napoleon Dynamite.

    Scientists' Responses Solicited

  • When the Smithsonian curates an exhibit on baramins I will be the first to visit.

    Scientists' Responses Solicited

  • The following facts, coherent with Young Earth Creationism, are taken for granted: the Earth is approximately 6000 years old animals were created by God as baramins, of which currents « species » are the descendants mutations of the genome result in a net loss of information

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  • However, unlike species concepts that are based on Darwinian thinking, the baraminic barrier is inviolable, as other baramins do not Jonathan Sarfati writes regarding the Biblical kinds of organisms:

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  • Baraminology is the study of baramins, also known by the Biblical term creation week, and corresponds in some functional aspects to the secular concept of species.

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  • As do other kinds or baramins of science denialists.


  • Various sets of animals have extremely similar DNA because they're descended from the same baramins, or types that were on the Ark. Corruption of genetic information produces microevolution - speciation within those types, leaving a genetic footprint in the form of similarities which can be found through the study of comparative DNA.

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  • From what I understand, some scientists took eleven species (from different baramins) and studied five genes that can be found in these species.

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