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  • noun Plural form of barbarian.


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  • Problem with fighting all the barbarians is the women and children keep getting in the way. and I support safeguarding the innocents of Darfur who are contending with the barbarians in their country.

    Think Progress » Congressional Priorities: $700 Million for ‘Railroad to Nowhere,’ $173 Million for Stopping Mass Murder

  • Their nature is not at all changed by the rapid civilization which was given them by Peter I.; it has as yet only formed their manners: happily for them, they are always what we call barbarians, in other words, led by an instinct frequently generous, but always involuntary, which only admits of reflection in the choice of the means, and not in the examination of the end; I say happily for them, not that I wish to extol barbarism, but I designate by this name a certain primitive energy which can alone replace in nations the concentrated strength of liberty.

    Ten Years' Exile

  • Hate for the barbarians is more of a focal point than the deer in the park.

    Anti-Deer-Hunting Billboard Goes Up in Kansas City

  • I suspect the process of spending $13 million worth of time with investment bankers and consultants (not to mention nights dreaming of the damage that could be done by the barbarians from the north) helps sharpen the thinking.

    Yahoo’s Starting Point: A Clearer Strategy - Bits Blog -

  • But by having to carry the American left, who would do anything to bring this country down, and the Europeans who represent anti-Semitism's zenith, dealing with these barbarians is much more problematic.

    Sound Politics: The Religion of Peace Marches On

  • When the “Aztecs” entered the Valley of Mexico, they were considered uncultured barbarians from the North.

    Tlaxcala State: traveling the Central High Plains of Mexico

  • "His Dark Materials" - which has a plot involving barbarians from the Russian North - actually got me thinking more about Reagan than any lugubrious newscast of his memorial.

    our 40th

  • The Greeks had a verb for this; “to Medize,” after the Medes, a separate Iranian people from the Persians but close enough for the Greeks: Greeks were always vague about the facts of those whom they called barbarians.

    The Battle of Salamis

  • The author of _Friendship's Garland_ ended with a despairing appeal to the democracy, when his jeremiads evoked no response from the upper class, whom he called barbarians, or from the middle class, whom he regarded as incurably vulgar.

    Cambridge Essays on Education

  • Do you think that had Rome maintained her agricultural productiveness and agricultural citizenship, the barbarians from the north would ever have looted the western empire?

    The Conservation of Canada's Resources


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