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  • n. The trade of and practice of shaving and cutting hair.
  • n. The practice among pets of overgrooming each other, leaving bald patches.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In ceramics, the process of shaving or grinding the jagged edges of a fracture or the chipped tops of vessels to render them smooth and even. Chinese porcelain is cut in this manner on the jade-cutter's lathe.


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  • One of the tricks to barbering is to get somewhere and stay.

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  • No person purposely touches another; in fact the occupations which require physical contact, such as barbering, doctoring, clothes-fitting, are considered pariah trades.

    Marune: Alastor 933

  • Waiting for a boat in St. Louis one beautiful summer morning on the quay, where in Paris I should have found the book-stalls, I saw a Pullman train just starting for New York, and at the water's edge under the stately bridge one tramp "barbering" another.

    The French in the Heart of America

  • After a few months of this rapid kind of barbering its injurious effect was plain to be seen upon our faces, and the warden concluded the rule was neither justice to us nor in accordance with the lawful time allowed by the contract, and he ordered the rule discontinued.

    Buried Alive (Behind Prison Walls) For a Quarter of a Century. Life of William Walker

  • Thinking it best that he should have a trade, his parents put him to learn "barbering," and during the six years he was thus employed, no inconsiderable part of the time was spent in the well-ordered school of Richard Watkins, the son of William.

    An Apology for African Methodism

  • The term "barbering" when applied to laboratory mice is a behaviour where a dominant mouse will use her teeth to pluck out hairs from the face of a passive mouse when they groom each other (barbering is practiced mostly by female mice). articles

  • They ask Thompson what he used to do and he replies "barbering".

    Jamaica Gleaner :: Lead Stories

  • Some notable revenue increases include: A new, additional 18\% sales tax on non-diet soft drinks, eliminating the sales tax exemption on clothing and footwear under $110, imposing a sales tax on cable and satellite TV / Radio and conforming the state sales tax to New York City's practice of taxing personal services, such as barbering, massages, and hair salons, and credit rating services.

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  • What that means is that the same rich pensions of police and firefighters go to state employees such as barbering examiners, milk testers, billboard inspectors, funeral home inspectors and the deputy directors of the Department of Real Estate.

    Long Beach Press Telegram Most Viewed

  • Mr. Anazalone, who still spends his mornings working in his original shop in the basement of One New York Plaza, swears that barbering is all he knows.

    Hairy Week for Wall Street


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