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  • n. Plural form of barbule.


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  • At right angles to the barbs are interlocking branchlets called barbules.


  • They look this way because normal feathers have barbules along the barbs (the individual branches off a feather) that hold the barbs together, sort of like velcro.

    The Chicken Chronicles

  • What really keeps water from seeping through their feathers to reach the skin are microscopic barbules on the feathers that lock together like Velcro, forming an impenetrable barrier.

    The Great Penguin Rescue

  • With thousands of small feathers that lie over each other like shingles on a roof, and with microscopic barbules on those feathers that interlock to form an impervious shield, penguins are well equipped for life at sea.

    The Great Penguin Rescue

  • Their feather shafts are hollow, and the feathers themselves, like strips of Velcro, are interlocking barbules for catching air.


  • The barbules have small hook-like processes called barbicels.


  • Hundreds of pairs of tiny barbules on each barb fit together like tiny strips of Velcro and give the feather its web-like quality.


  • Feathers with smooth barbules but no hooked barbules.

    Blog Post: Conservapedia: A Laugh A Minute

  • The hummingbird doesn't strip barbules AFAIK, but they do live up to their name...

    Wondrous Feathers

  • Together the results favor an evolutionary sequence of feather filaments splitting to form primitive barbs without barbules - radially symmetric downy feathers with plumulaceous barbs- bilaterally symmetric plumulaceous feathers - bilaterally symmetric pennaceous vanes - bilaterally asymmetric vanes Fig.

    Catholic Church Supports Neo-Paleyism? - The Panda's Thumb


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