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  • adjective bare-bottomed
  • adjective informal by extension: naked, starkers
  • adjective by extension blatant, unashamed

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adjective (used informally) completely unclothed


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  • He looks shocked to be holding the door in his hand, confronted by a bare-assed laborer looking back at him in surprise.

    Odd Man Out

  • As reported on The Smoking Gun website, he was left not just hanging upside down from the lift, but also with his pants pulled down around his ankles ... bare-assed in the wind.

    Why I Don't Ski

  • Yo, would you look at this crazy, bare-assed mother-fucker down here!

    Surrender the Dark

  •            I watched Francine and Donald running bare-assed up the road, disappearing up a trail that led into the mountains.

    Revenge at the Nudist Camp

  • He turned and went back into the house with his wife and two bare-assed kids traipsing after him like little ducklings.

    The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 4

  • Most carried a towel, so they didn't have to sit bare-assed on the wooden benches.

    The Naked Wedding

  • Don't worry about Diana Ross playing tetherball with Lil 'Kim's breast or both Prince and and the King of All Media showing up bare-assed: MTV's newest generation of artists get all bothered when Annie Leibovitz photographs its back.

    Jason Notte: The VMAs Need To Call It A Day

  • I dutifully avoided the newer Bond, the likes of "Casino Royale" where Bond gets strapped bare-assed in a torture chair, but violence was becoming harder to avoid.

    Jonathan Black: Confessions of a Failed Parent

  • However, if Spartacus and Crixus and three other gladiators are all bare-assed, you would drink once for each of them.

    the SPARTACUS drinking game

  • The man who lets his eyes stray across the photo of Gisele Bündchen, bare-assed and beguiling on the cover of GQ, has betrayed his wife in some sense, but only a 21st-century Savonarola would describe that sort of thing as adultery.

    Is Pornography Adultery?


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