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  • v. Present participle of barge.


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  • Steven Leer makes it sound as if barging is clean and green because it pollutes less and uses proportionately less energy than do competing means of shipping bulk commodities.


  • Waterways Trust Fund an excise of twenty cents per gallon of fuel used in barging operations.


  • ` Look, you come barging in here 'I don't recall barging, Mr Cave.

    Mortal Causes

  • I toyed around with the idea of barging in on the main office of the company but I figured that might be too much like poking my head into a hornet's nest.

    Highways in Hiding

  • One recalled barging into an interrogation room after hearing a terrible cry, finding a man with his pants down chained to a steaming radiator and seeing a surprised Burge turn "red as a beet."

    Kansas City Star: Front Page

  • Ogres did all manner of stupid things, such as barging through dragon conventions or walking off sheer cliffs, and were generally then heard from no more.

    The Color of Her Panties

  • To him there was something wonderfully entertaining in the process of 'barging' the end man off the edge of the form into space, and upsetting his books over him.

    Tales of St. Austin's

  • And it came pulling up alongside with an inquiry as to what we meant by "barging" along this sort of a road which likely as not would land us straight inside the enemy's lines.

    A Journal From Our Legation in Belgium

  • Tell us here .. we loved the concert all of it, what i want to know is why the local catering vans (the one inside and one outside the ground) were no where to be seen, were they pushed out in case there was burger van wars, cause they wouldn't charge ridiculous prices like them other ones that were there re the comments about the woman "barging" to the front.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • “What’s the idea of barging into my shop like this?”

    Wildcatter’s Woman


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