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  • n. In Egyptian antiquity: A flat-bottomed boat, used for transporting merchandise, etc., on the Nile: the Greek term for the Egyptian makhen.
  • n. The sacred boat, represented in art as bearing an enthroned deity or some symbolical or venerated object.
  • n. 2 [capitalized] [NL.] A genus of rhynchophorous beetles, of the family Curculionidæ, or weevils. B. lignarius feeds upon the elm.


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  • Derived from the word baris which means a line of troops, the Baris Dance is a war dance depicting warriors preparing to confront the enemy.


  • (Nov 16 2009 20: 03 GMT) sid = 91547; channel = 115635; w = 336 = "frmindir. com"; kategori = "0"; baris akarsu - amasra indir Benzer Yaz? lar: Baris Güney - Düslere Yolculuk/2009Foruma Acilan Yeni basliklarAmerikan Lisesi - American High School 18 (2009) DVDRip + TR ALTYAZI +

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  • And make no mistake, this is not just about handguns although the case at baris.

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  • Padahal, ia belum pernah menulis satu baris kode program pun sejak bergabung di perusahaan itu.

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  • In first grade, his first year at the school, Barry commanded the front of the line, calling out baris ( "make a line") — the kids would line up; siap grak ( "get ready") — the kids would straighten the line; tegap ( "stand straight"), and then, once he was convinced the lines were straight, he would let them into the classroom.

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  • Episode two features a swarm of wasps flying into the open box and terrorizing the planet jenny conde baris Says:

    Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

  • Holyyy crap. yes now im done. off to the emergency ward … baris Says:

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  • "Heh, sekarang sampai yang mana, baris yang mana ..."

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  • Belakangan, hacchan mulai tau gimana ngasih frame, bikin kolom dan baris, trus layoutnya hacchan ganti jadi kaya gini

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  • February 12th, 2007 at 11: 25 pm PST baris, so i take it you are clearly not denying this? accusing michael of sensationalism — whoops, not outright accusing him, just making a broad generalization that “more often than not” such stories are sensationalist — without rebutting the facts/claims just makes you guys look worse … … you should stop while you are behind reply paul king

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