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  • 'Take that muhfuckin' barkin'-all-night dog while you here.

    Pop Goes The Weasel

  • You're all het up needless, an 'barkin' up the wrong tree, as folks used to say back where I come from.

    The Gold Girl

  • Why, New York and Chicago most come to hands and blows about it, and St. Louis wuz jest a-follerin 'them other cities up tight, a-worryin' 'em, and a-naggin ', and a sort o' barkin 'at their heels, as it wuz, bound she would have it.

    Samantha at the World's Fair

  • I donna see the good o 'barkin' so much when yo 'canna bite.

    That Lass o' Lowrie's: A Lancashire Story

  • "I'm the dumb dog!" said Gibbie to himself, not knowing that he was really a copy in small of the good shepherd; "but maybe there may be mair nor ae gait o 'barkin'."

    Sir Gibbie

  • I donna see the good o 'barkin' so much when yo 'canna bite. "

    That Lass O' Lowrie's 1877

  • I love it when Limbaugh starts barkin at the moon.

    Landrieu to back health bill debate

  • Smokey says: the word of the day is marchander and, speaking of smokin 'deals, Gramma K got a great barkin' bargain on that postcard rack (can you see it, far left?): 20 euros.

    Brocante / Antiques

  • Yes | No | Report from genoisno1 wrote 26 weeks 5 days ago barkin spider i would love to see you pull out a 22 load with your hands and the only way to pull it out with a leatherman would be if u had the case secured in some way because it would twist in your hand before the lead would twist out of the brass

    Start a Survival Fire With a Bullet

  • Elvis's barkin' scared my flippit to jumpin' like he never jumped afore.

    The Celebrated Jumping Flippit of Tau-Ceti IV


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