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  • noun Alternative form of barometer.


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  • One thing does seem true - breaking Microsoft's quasi-monopolistic «dominance» - something well on the way as regards web browser use, at least in Europe XiTi Monitor Browser barometre - will greatly benefit users, no matter whether they choose to employ Microsoft products or those of its competitors or, like myself, both....

    Google's Secret Weapon

  • For the instruments NOT used in this Expedition, see Chap.I. p. The barometre aneroid sold by M. Ebner was partially repaired by

    The Land of Midian

  • For those who wish to focus their investment decisions beyond baselines that involve the Super Bowl, the odd year, even year theory, the January barometre theory, the January effect, and the election hangover effect, we offer addresses from leading investment managers.

    Investment Outlook—1997

  • I've discovered that there actually is a bit of a barometre.

    Investment Outlook—1997

  • 'Le barometre est tres haut ...' floated down the village street, instead of the sentence of good-bye.

    A Prisoner in Fairyland

  • 'Le barometre a monte,' he replied, knowing no word of English, and thinking it was her usual question about the weather.

    A Prisoner in Fairyland

  • The Widow Jequier, with garden skirts tucked high, and wearing big gauntlet gloves, waved above her head a Union Jack that knocked her bonnet sideways at every stroke, and even enveloped the black triangle of a Trilby hat that her brother-in-law held motionless aloft as though to test the wind for his daily report upon the condition of le barometre.

    A Prisoner in Fairyland

  • The barometre aneroid sold by M. Ebner was partially repaired by M. Lacaze, and served for M.. David Duguid's observations.

    The Land of Midian — Volume 2

  • The Globes are often viewed as a key barometre of which films may go on to challenge for honours at the Oscars.

    Latest News - Yahoo!7 News


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