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  • In entomology, at or near the base; proximally.

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  • adverb In a basal manner


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  • Its epithelium is of the simple columnar type, the cells being long, with generally basally located nuclei.

    Development of the Digestive Canal of the American Alligator

  • The tribal Indians encountered by the 19th century U.S. Cavalry, on the other hand, were like every single primitive culture ever discovered in the wildernesses of earth: their lives, however natural and estimable, are intensely and basally physical -- incredibly hard, short, laden with toil and disease, and in any terms that we celebrants of their


  • The lack of resolution in more terminal internal nodes is common in studies using phylogenetic supertrees, but these studies also tend to have polytomous nodes basally as well

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  • The above results show that when large phylogenies are used containing polytomous nodes basally in the tree the researcher may expect to have substantially reduced statistical power to detect non-random phylogenetic community structure.

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  • Cnidarian sequences related to bilaterian "posterior" Hox (HOX9-14) branch basally to the latter in paraphyly.

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  • In some cases, gene relationships among cnidarian groups are congruent with the species phylogeny: hydrozoan sequences are sister-group to scyphozoan sequences, with anthozoan sequences branching basally to this ensemble.

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  • The earliest steps in animal evolution remain obscure, but can be illuminated by comparative studies between the most basally branching animal groups, notably sponges, cnidarians and ctenophores.

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  • I have many payroll sheets, tax forms, etcetera .. basally calculators / spredsheets I set up in excel so I can do things quickly over the years.


  • Egr-1 − / − mice basally exhibited airspace enlargement as assessed by mean linear intercept (MLI) [34], relative to corresponding wild-type controls, whose magnitude exceeded that of cigarette smoke-exposed wild-type mice.

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  • Above dark brown, with an olivaceous wash, the fur being uniform dark brown to the base tipped with a slight tinge of olivaceous, the extreme tip slightly grayish in certain lights; below much lighter, the fur being dark brown basally and broadly tipped with pale buffy gray; ears and membranes black, naked, and with no trace of a whitish border.


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