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  • noun A solid piece of material that has enough strength and sturdiness to serve as the surface to which other things are attached to be supported.


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base +‎ plate


  • When i start the simulation i get the message: "Warning: There are no contacts attached to body (s):" baseplate ".

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  • In fact, the RM 022's honeycomb orthorhombic titanium aluminide baseplate comes straight from NASA research into supersonic aircraft wings.

    The Edge of Time

  • And in Mille's case, the sports cars are real: Ferrari Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa wears a Richard Mille watch with a carbon nanofiber baseplate in every race.

    The Edge of Time

  • The tube, you could probably carry if it were fastened and balanced properly on your back, but we never carried the baseplate any farther than we had to.

    Unhappy anniversary to Operation Eagle Claw

  • The keyboard can be stored almost out of sight atop the baseplate.

    Apple’s new iMacs: A closer look

  • And the aluminum baseplate gets thinner towards the front, making the iMac seem to float above the desk.

    Apple’s new iMacs: A closer look

  • Then, while two of us sat on the corners of the baseplate to hold it down, Ali Ahmad, stripped to undershirt and ballooning Afghan trousers, ceremoniously began cranking the handle.

    Scents & Sensibility

  • I'm thinking the mini on the right is going to need a larger baseplate to keep him from toppling over backward.

    Monday LOL Book

  • Anything Charge 1 and above has to be drop fired with the baseplate and legs attached.

    I Bet I Could Have Beaten Him at Call of Duty 4, Though | Live Granades

  • I chose the 1995 plate because it matches the year of the car and the colors -- red letters on a white baseplate -- go with the car.

    March 2005


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