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  • noun One's predestined soulmate
  • adjective preordained, fated


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  • At first I didn't want to do the role, but in Judaism there's a word "bashert" — destiny.

    Ellen Greene Soaps Up for a Gig on The Young and the Restless

  • She told me many times that their marriage was "bashert" — destined by fate, as the Jewish saying goes.

    We Remember - Eva Hindus, 1914 - 2008

  • Jack and Emilia’s passion and essential rightness for each other (that instantly recognizable destined-to-be-togetherness that the Jews call bashert) simply could not be denied: “I love him so much that I am in a state of constant terror that something will happen to him,” Emilia confides, sounding awfully like Ayelet (from the description, she also looks awfully like Ayelet, with red hair and a Harvard degree).

    Family Romance, Tweaked, Degenerates into Histrionics

  • Podwal calls the partnership with Miller "bashert," as "Allan barely knew anything about the subjects of our film, and I barely knew anything about how to make a film."


  • I recently met a super-controlling dictator from Iran you've seen him on television, and after comparing notes we decided that we were so alike it was bashert I happened to bump into him while I was searching for an analogy, and he was taking surveillance photos in Times Square.

    Deborah Copaken Kogan: Battle Hymn of the Gefilte Fish Wife

  • There is a Yiddish expression, bashert, which means that some things are “meant to be.”

    The Fiddler in the Subway

  • Is it quantum physics, molecular attraction, timing...bashert?

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • But I guess, if love passes- it wasn't bashert, eh?

    Vanille Galante by Hermes: Perfume Review

  • So glad that you and your bashert found each other.

    ROI 120 post-show roundup | Jewschool

  • "Chabon is Waldman's husband, and he dedicated the book to her as his 'bashert,'" Freedman concludes, "so it is hardly a risky stretch to believe that his work of fiction ratifies a worldview the couple shares."

    Beware, Politics Ahead


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