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  • n. A partial or loose costume used by open-air bathers, as on a sea-beach.


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  • Montagu delights in the painstaking creation of Major Martin, with his theatre tickets and bank manager's letters, and the snapshot of Pam in a bathing-dress.

    Operation Mincemeat, Operation Heartbreak, and The Man Who Never Was

  • When she comes forth in her bathing-dress into the shallow water from behind the hood of the machine, my boat shall intercept her and prevent her return.

    A Holiday Romance

  • And then I put on a dry bathing-dress, and we sat to bask in the sun, and presently I nodded, resting my head against her knee, and she put her hand upon my hair and stroked it softly and I dozed.

    Twelve Stories and a Dream, by H. G. Wells

  • If a lady should be at the expence of having a tent pitched on the beach where she might put on and of her bathing-dress, she could not pretend to go into the sea without proper attendants; nor could she possibly plunge headlong into the water, which is the most effectual, and least dangerous way of bathing.

    Travels through France and Italy

  • As she stood dabbling her bathing-dress in a pool, Siegmund came over the beach to her.

    The Trespasser

  • She asked me if I would like her to do to me what she used to do to Mlle. Albertine when she took off her bathing-dress.

    The Sweet Cheat Gone

  • If you had taken this precaution a moment ago you would have saved yourself the appearance of speaking at cross-purposes like a deaf man, thereby adding a second absurdity to that of having anchors embroidered on your bathing-dress.

    Within a Budding Grove

  • He had it ready for her - lighted her cigarette - helped her to slip the straps of the white bathing-dress from her shoulders.

    Hercule Poirot's Casebook

  • With one hand she held her bathing-dress in position across her breast.

    Hercule Poirot's Casebook

  • They presented a curious contrast, he stripped except for a pair of bright orange satin shorts on his narrow hips, enormously broad of shoulder, once-splendid muscle rippling under the sun-burned skin; she with a round rubber bath cap pulled down to her eyebrows, her stockinette bathing-dress almost down to her knees, tripping along, half dead with self-consciousness, at his side.

    Tour de Force


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