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  • adj. Dressed in a bathrobe.


bathrobe +‎ -ed (Wiktionary)


  • While all of the good people in the world were on their way to Sunday morning services, I stood bathrobed and slippered in my front yard drinking a beer and holding a plunger that had been arbitrarily left standing beside my mail box overnight.

    Yard Sailing

  • The one I drank while bathrobed and slippered in my front yard, holding the plunger that had been arbitrarily left standing beside my mail box overnight.

    Yard Sailing

  • I'm not like a bathrobed Ray Liotta at the end of "Goodfellas."

    The Brentmeister

  • Relaxed, bathrobed guests enjoyed ice vodka sculptures and traditional Russian chanterelle soups and pilmeny short ribs, served by strategically cast female models.

    Feasting and Sweating to the Stoli

  • But worst of all and most recently was his embarrassing, meandering blabber-mouthery at a Mid-East photo-op on things Iraqi, Al-Qaeda, and Iranian where he stood like the doddering, unnerving, bathrobed old coot “Herbert” from “Family Guy” and confidently pronounced an utter fantasism of how he saw the war in Iraq going and who was who, and doing what in it.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • A gang of bathrobed men and women, neighbors, mingled about behind the yellow ribbon used to cordon off Hobie's trailer, and he pushed his way through them to reach the driveway.

    Baby Games

  • He is afraid this bathrobed person will box this trailer up in a bright package and sell it to vicuna-herding nomads in Peru who are delirious with estrus-arousing chemicals to see it at any cost.

    The Magnetic Monster

  • The pink bathrobed woman pointed her well-manicured hand that was laden with multitiered diamond rings.


  • She managed to raise her bathrobed arm in time to shield the tea tray and Miss Webb from her sneeze.

    Sonnet of the Sphinx

  • She hailed the Chinaman from her doorway, bathrobed and boudoir capped as she was.

    Across the Mesa


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