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  • noun zoology Any member of the Bathyergidae.


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  • These include the platypoid ambrosia beetle, synalpheid sponge-dwelling shrimp, and bathyergid mole rats.


  • In contrast to this wealth of information on organization of bathyergid visual system, almost nothing is known about their visual capacities.

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  • Finally, we tested the hypothesis that vision plays a role in bathyergid anti-predatory behaviour and tunnel maintenance by assessing whether light penetrating into an artificial tunnel system provokes plugging of the illuminated tunnel.

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  • This indicates that the bathyergid mole-rats are poorly equipped for the detection and orientation towards objects in the visual field, and for the tracking of moving objects.

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  • Likewise, no experimental studies testing the adaptive significance of vision in the context of bathyergid anti-predatory behaviour are available.

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  • To test the putative role of vision in bathyergid anti-predatory behaviour, we examined the reaction of mole-rats to the incidence of light in an artificial burrow system.

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