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  • noun Alternative spelling of bat phone.


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  • Just the visuals of President "nancy boy" Rudy in some lacy orange frock and heels discussing Submarines and aircraft carriers with a nutbag like Podhoertz, maybe duct taped to a chair with a wig slapped on his head and with Rudiboy fondling the "batphone" and some tranny queens serving cocktails ....

    Rudy's Man Podhoretz Details His Plans For Attacking Iran

  • The first sign was that my wife and kids were not responding to my messages on Blackberry messenger (we use it as our family's "batphone").

    Gadgets Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

  • The first sign was that my wife and kids were not responding to my messages on BlackBerry messenger (we use it as our family's "batphone").

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • Had the batphone silently lit up, I would have zoomed downtown and loitered at the bar until I was able to fall at her shoes in a gallant swoon and say hi.

    An Angel Among Us: James Wolcott

  • The NYT has a sort of batphone hotline to actually speak to RTMS!

    This Just In: BSNYC Posts on Saturday (and is quoted in the New York Times)

  • Jason DO you think we have some batphone to the news media that we can pick up and tell the editor to make some create or write Coulteresque inanities?

    Think Progress » FBI opens “preliminary investigation” of Foley.

  • It is not about Saddam and WMD and al Qaeda all 'coming together' like James Bond super-baddies to take over the world with nuclear weapons, with Bin Laden cackling evilly down the batphone in his secret mountain lair to the strutting swivel-eyed Saddam in his palace, planning 'world domination by TERROR! mwah hahahah!...

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • Bet Luskin and Rove are on the batphone right now to the WP, trying to get them to spike the story.

    Firedoglake » Good On Ya

  • Admiral Magruder's voice sounded grim over the batphone.


  • We have the police resources to arrest 700 nonviolent Occupy Wall Streeters on the Brooklyn Bridge but after six sex attacks in seven months in one station the city can't send a guy to Radio Shack to buy two dozen nanny cameras so that Alfaz can batphone an undercover cop about a sex attack in real time?

    NY Daily News


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