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  • noun A genus of fishes, typical of the family Batrachidæ, containing the toad-fish, B. tau, of the North Atlantic, and several closely related species. See toad-fish.


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  • Exotic fish species, including walking catfish Clarias batrachus, are competing with native species for habitat.

    Everglades National Park, United States

  • Besides the scientific terms of 'salamander', 'newt', 'batrachus' and so on, which had begun to take on a rather disrespectful character, there were many other different names suggested.

    The War with the Newts

  • And cartilaginous fishes are first oviparous internally and subsequently viviparous; they rear the embryos internally, the batrachus or fishing-frog being an exception.

    The History of Animals

  • The batrachus or fishing-frog also is unable to take in its young owing to the size of the head and the prickles; and, by the way, as was previously remarked, it is the only one of these fishes that is not viviparous.

    The History of Animals

  • The only instance of a similar cutaneous modification is that pointed out by Dr. Günther 10 in the skin of the belly of the Siluroid fish, Aspredo batrachus.

    The Common Frog

  • Magur - Clarias batrachus - sold in HAL market, Bangalore - Business News

  • THE walking catfish, Clarias batrachus, is a species that can 'walk' using its pectoral fins to keep it upright as it wriggles through mud - News


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