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  • n. A brilliant display of virtuosity in which the dancer's legs open and close rapidly while in the air, with the illusion of striking together and rebounding. Also known as battu.
  • n. The percussion section of an orchestra or band, the battery; marching instruments in a drumline, as opposed to the pit.

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  • n. A roll upon the side- or snaredrum.
  • n. A method of playing the guitar by striking the strings instead of plucking them.
  • n. An obsolete designation for a staccato arpeggiation of the chords of an accompaniment. Compare Alberti bass (under bass) and arpeggio.


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From French batterie, from battre ‘batter’.


  • Charles had set up what you might call his batterie de cheveux in a bathroom.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • Most serious home cooks have this in common: A batterie de cuisine French for pots and pans that includes at least one All-Clad item.

    Bits & Bites: News You Can Eat

  • A few faux-amis that come to mind: une camera - only a movie camera; a "regular" camera is "un appareil de photo" une batterie - only a car battery; regular batteries are "piles."

    faux amis - French Word-A-Day

  • Among the batterie de cuisine needed by intrepid cooks is a Cryovac machine for vacuum-sealing food, an immersion circulator for cooking sous-vide ("under vacuum") and a liquid-nitrogen cartridge for freezing things fast (such as milk, to be crunched up for "snow").

    Modernism on a Fork

  • * I have no idea if Greenfield is English, but this is what worked for me batterie ordinateur portable says, Exile On Main St. is a murky, muddy, brilliant album.

    Guilty Pleasures

  • I ducked taped it down and kept on using her until she met her death by faulty batterie that would no longer hold charge.

    Happy 8th Birthday, iPod! |

  • And what should go in a frugal person's batterie de cuisine?

    Food and Drink

  • Big, heavy, faster discharging batterie will be rented for less.

    My energy car dream.

  • Which option would make it easier for the flash thus enabeling shorter recycling and longer batterie life?

    On Assignment: Controlling Daylight, Pt. 1

  • Celebrity chef cookbooks, she complains, all expect you to have a traditional butcher on hand, ready access to expensive and hard-to-find ingredients, a full batterie de cuisine, and the skills of…well, Gordon Ramsay.

    Food Link Dump


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