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  • n. A very heavy metal bar used by firefighters and law enforcement officers to break down walls and doors.
  • n. A heavy beam used in ancient and medieval warfare to batter down the walls and gates of a place under siege.

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  • n. A heavy object used for battering down walls and gates before gunpowder was known.


The heads of some battering rams were carved in the shape of a ram, an animal renowned for butting with its head. (Wiktionary)


  • She said cavalrymen have the patience of a battering ram and the delicacy of an elephant.

    Hadrian's Wall.html

  • When they rounded the corner into a wide corridor, they found a dozen sinha using a bench as an improvised battering ram as they tried to break down a wooden door.

    Shadow Lord

  • One of his armored ships with a battering ram at last broke a hole in the wall, then backwatered to allow a trireme with crack Macedonian marines to anchor at the gap.

    Alexander the Great

  • Returning to Halicarnassus, Alexander redoubled his efforts at taking the wall and brought up a huge tower on wheels to shower the defenders with missiles while a battering ram pounded the stones beneath them.

    Alexander the Great

  • Out of the corner of his eye he could see Sisters Donna Lou and Betty Jo helpĀ­ing the three Security men use a chair as a battering ram against the invisible barrier that kept them off the set.

    Prayers To Broken Stones

  • "Aaargh!" said Ron as another twisted limb punched a large dent into his door; the windshield was now trembling under a hail of blows from knuckle-like twigs and a branch as thick as a battering ram was pounding furiously on the roof, which seemed to be caving in -

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  • The door was made of solid oak, with heavy hinges to match and a draw-bar on the outside, but against that solid battering ram propelled by four powerful men with their lives at stake it might as well have been made of plywood: the shattered door was smashed completely off its hinges and the wine-press, released at the last moment, went cartwheeling through the doorway into the darkness beyond.

    The Satan Bug

  • The light hit Atrig square in the back, hurling him across the corridor as if a battering ram had struck him.



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