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  • noun Plural form of battleship.


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  • As an aside, battleship armor used by dreadnaught and super dreadnaught battleships is referred to as all or nothing protection.

    Matthew Yglesias » Gulf Stability and the New Iraq

  • Vast airships dominate the fleets of each side and look like flying battleships from the turn of the 20th Century navies.

    Color Me Blown Away - Last Exile

  • Since 1905, ice cream makers had been installed in American battleships to promote “clean living and good fun.”

    Sea of Thunder

  • Those "battleships" simply put are our gigantic deficit accounts, domestic and foreign, which will put big downward pressure on the dollar, raise the cost of all our imports, including foreign capital, and inevitably trigger a weak dollar inflation bubble which will be the flip side of our recent consumption and finance bubbles.

    Frank A. Weil: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  • And our media often call this type of naval vessel "battleships", and this sort of armoured vehicle "tanks".

    Daimnation!: The Navy must be really ticked off

  • Some people, for instance, had gotten their hands on used teletype printers, such as the ASR-33 (called "battleships" because they were so rugged and heavy).

    The Apple II History, by Steven Weyhrich : The Apple II, Continued

  • The heavy fire of the afternoon had failed to destroy the two little "battleships" that represented the only remaining effective units of the Chinese fleet.

    Famous Sea Fights From Salamis to Tsu-Shima

  • A number of antiquated units figured on the Navy List, including useless "battleships" dating from the 'sixties, and small unarmoured cruisers little better than gunboats.

    Famous Sea Fights From Salamis to Tsu-Shima

  • And then there are the "battleships:" fierce, devilish-looking bulldogs that could demolish any tin-lined fort in existence if they could only hit it, or even if the sailors could manage to fire the guns -- or in fact, if only the guns could be fired by any one -- which is exceedingly doubtful.

    A Fantasy of Mediterranean Travel

  • "battleships" suffered comparatively little loss, notwithstanding the terrible fire to which they were exposed for hours.

    Famous Sea Fights From Salamis to Tsu-Shima


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