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  • "be back in a bit"; Used on the Usenet, in bulletin board systems, in chat rooms, and in Internet forums.


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  • Yap that stupid broad is on that tinkerstinks blog bbiab

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  • Misty and Ron have well a bunch of stoned out space cases on theres … well they do have Tangena …!!! bbiab gotta give vinny a bath and bed time soon! heart said, in February 16th, 2009 at 6: 18 pm

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  • Ok that first link is the one your wanting .. bbiab … time for beddie by!

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  • Maybe that was the number of ween she got that day bbiab, keeping up with you guys and comment some. this typing with one hand sucks. you guys r great. hugs and a broom handle up mc butt in February 21st, 2009 at 10: 47 am

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  • LOL im glad your getting better!! baby butt cream. that is what i buy for my new grandbaby. bbiab. i need to help my mom with something. i am so glad to be back on. i have missed you all.

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  • No more Jesus and what he would do ---- he is now what would Dobson and Christian Righties do!!! bbiab ......

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  • French Malbec. crataegus > bbiab ... except i expect to sleep when i get back kingskyprawn > Sleep-posting is bad - stay off the Ambien kingskyprawn > "Maya pork chop is spam - deletedeltedelete" pneum0nic > hubba nsfw? kingskyprawn > hi pneu! pneum0nic > hep - fresh links

  • IRISHprik411: bbiab .. takin the gf out to dinner ...

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