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  • Oh, hell, she won’t be that way t’morrow, you’ll see.

    All The Available Light

  • “Misther Chairman, Oi have the honor to nominate for chairman av this meetin 'the people's an' the children's friend, Misther Peter Stirling, an 'Oi don't have to move to make it unanimous, for such is the intelligince an' manhood av this meetin 'that it will be that way for shure.”

    The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him

  • There are no specific critical points; could be the whole thing'll be that way since there's a hell-of-a-lot of civilian stuff starting to join the roads.

    First Clash

  • Our children become “parent-deaf” quickly, and we have taught them to be that way by blustering about what we will do instead of just doing it.



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