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  • n. The line traveled by a particle beam in an accelerator


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

beam +‎ line


  • One of the resulting delicate but durable artworks she has produced uses iron filings to reflect how 'iron' is the connection between a variety of beamline research projects conducted at the facility.

    Stitches wanted for World's Largest Diffraction Pattern

  • The Lilly Research Laboratories Collaborative Access Team LRL-CAT beamline is a sophisticated x-ray analytical facility that produces detailed, atom-by-atom pictures of protein crystals.

  • Lilly chemists, structural biologists, and the staff at the LRL-CAT beamline facility work together to create molecules, prepare crystals and analyze how the molecules bind to the proteins.

  • Lilly scientists utilized beamline data to help design our beta-secretase inhibitor which is currently in Phase I clinical testing to determine its potential as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

  • The data produced by the beamline and interpreted by LRL scientists provide valuable information on the interactions between potential new medicines and human disease protein targets.

  • Once this process is complete, the crystals are sent to the LRL-CAT beamline facility via overnight delivery for analysis.

  • The process is iterative, initially using beamline data to design new potential medicines with enhanced properties, which are in turn introduced into protein crystals and then re-analyzed.

  • The LRL-CAT upgrade included an automation component that allows unattended operation of the beamline for extended periods.

  • Utilizing the team and beamline at Argonne to develop potential medicines to treat diseases like Alzheimer's is a great example of technology and the human mind coming together.

  • The beamline helps researchers determine if the molecule (the key) can unlock the protein disease target (the lock) and therefore change its behavior.


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