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  • noun Plural form of beamsplitter.


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  • "We can accomplish the delay in a compact setup, and we can rapidly change the delay if we want, something that would not be possible with usual laboratory apparatus such as beamsplitters and mirrors."

    Nano Tech Wire

  • The idler photon reaches the first pair of beamsplitters, BSA, BSB.

    Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In?

  • The news stories say they're planning a more precise test, using beamsplitters rather than slits, which will give them a cleaner signal.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Both prisms and beamsplitters are important components in microscope observation tubes, where they act to steer light from the objective to the eyepieces or a camera port.


  • Cube beamsplitters are fabricated by cementing together the hypotenuse faces of a matched pair of right-angle prisms with a partially reflecting film deposited onto the face of one the prisms (Figure 8 (a)).


  • Cube beamsplitters are more resistant to mechanical damage and deformation than plate beamsplitters, primarily because the reflective surface is protected by being sandwiched between the glass prisms.


  • A third important class of beamsplitters is fabricated from a high tensile strength elastic membrane (such as nitrocellulose) stretched like a canvas over a black anodized flat metal frame.


  • As a consequence, plate beamsplitters can withstand significantly higher levels of radiation without suffering damage.


  • Perforated beamsplitters (often termed polka-dot beamsplitters; see Figure 8 (c)) are fabricated by coating an optical glass substrate with a thin layer of aluminum in fixed-size square apertures.


  • Wedge prisms act as versatile beamsplitters to prevent ghost images and to steer light beams through adjustable pathways in optical systems.



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