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  • noun A large cheese-shaped compressed cake of beans after the oil has been expressed, used largely in northern China as food for cattle, and in the sugar-plantations of southern China as manure.


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  • Nesmut nodded vigorously and reached for another bean-cake, for­getting his fear.

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  • He looked at me wide-eyed his mouth full of bean-cake.

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  • It was a goodly feast, ragout and roast fowl and venison pasties, and cakes and tarts and rich conserves making the tables groan; but the crowning moment was when the governor's stately butler brought in the bean-cake (almost as much as he could carry) and set it down before the governor.

    The Rose of Old St. Louis

  • Pelagie Chouteau, and she had been making the bean-cake that afternoon.

    The Rose of Old St. Louis

  • Yes, eight weeks bean-cake was the most horrible of my experiences, except when I saw the hand of an unfortunate Potawatomie turn up in an Abenaki broth-pot.

    The False Chevalier or, The Lifeguard of Marie Antoinette

  • You could get a basin of fresh beans for ten cash, dried bean-cake for five, beans cooked and strained to a stiff batter for making soup for seven cash the ounce, while a large square of white bean-cake was sold for one copper cent.

    A Wayfarer in China Impressions of a trip across West China and Mongolia

  • In one pot bean-cake was being made, a long, complicated process; in another, cakes were frying in oil; in another, rice was boiling.

    A Wayfarer in China Impressions of a trip across West China and Mongolia

  • The distiller begins with the starchy remains from boiled rice, to which is added bean-cake fertilizer, a mix of bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, yeast and clay.

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  • Cradling a brass teapot and babysitting three pairs of caged lovebirds, Wu Xiulong, 76, sat in front of the doorway of his courtyard and reminisced about the vendors whose arrival he used to await as a child: the bean-cake man, the corn-cob seller, the baker who produced the flakiest flatbread.

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  • Taking a seat at our table — it was only Joscelin and me, Lord Amaury’s delegation having departed already — Nesmut helped himself to a serving of bean-cake, amply spooning jellied figs atop it.

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