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  • n. Plural form of beemer.


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  • I'm a real big fan of 'beemers' and especially the 3 & 5 series.

    Auto Express: News

  • All the really wealthy people who don't get any closer to dirt, sickness or poverty, other than their illegal maids and nannies, will get a good close up look at poverty before they hop into their limos and beemers.

    "Malaria is spread by mosquitoes. I brought some. Here, I'll let them roam around – there is no reason only poor people should be infected."

  • But if you really meant beemers, and there really is jousting, Portland is sounding better and better!

    Old Whine, New Bottle: Embracing Mediocrity

  • I do not need to go into debt to satisfy my social standing in the neighborhood, regardless of the new neighbors that moved in with two beemers and a home now in foreclosure.

    Steny Hoyer on bailout vote

  • Kat, what you described i experienced a few summers ago when walking through the 4 seasons hotel. valet parking for the beemers and the benzes, women with furs and bling that you just knew were real, and even teenagers decked in head-to-toe juicy couture made me feel as though i was the hired help.

    Don't worry your pretty little head.

  • Drug dealers round my way seem split between beemers and suvs. TRANSLATING ESSEX GIRLS.

  • The mondeo definatley, even though i dislike the horizontal chrome line beside the ford badge the old grille was nicer, nonetheless the ford has a much nicer interior than the bland single material dullness of the 3 series's interior, and the diesel in the ford is probably more refined than the beemers diesel

    BBC TopGear: Cars and Autos News

  • Those who created the mess learn to grow up and stop behaving like a bunch of pretenscious status obsessed adolescents in beemers.

    Irish Blogs

  • I was in a meeting today with an up and coming Public Search Engine in Australia, and the topic of "modelling" Web 2.0 + CPC's came up. (separately i think;) Mainly in terms of some established high value verticals where merchants and consumers trying to sell "expensive" products (6 figure jobs, beemers, google 'vested pads in mountainview) are being ripped off by classifieds sites with fixed fee listing prices: Either fixed amount per listing (eg $100 per job for 1 month) or fixed CPM's/Sponsorship Fees for Ad Placements (which can be linked back to an indicative CPM and contractual obligation to deliver set impressions etc) Anyway, if I think of Search in its traditional PageRank sense, I'd rather drive around Australia and make ends meet than consult to clients on SEO strategies.

    Archive 2005-09-01

  • it's wonderful to watch the beemers and fixies joust for positional dominance downtown.

    Old Whine, New Bottle: Embracing Mediocrity


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