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  • adj. colossal, of enormous size and power.


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From behemoth + -ic


  • If you enjoy vigorously energetic space opera with a clearly set course of action from the outset, morally ambiguous protagonist, crunchy prose, vivid scenery and destruction on behemothic proportions, then "Consider Phlebas" clearly comes recommended.

    Genre Classics: Consider Phlebas - Iain M. Banks (Book Review)

  • For President Obama the OFBNP project is ultimately about one thing only; it is not about the sponsorship and promotion of religious ideology and dogma; it is not about the sponsorship and promotion of secular ideology; what it is about, rather, is the freeing of genuine goodwill acts from the potential constraints of both of these, not to speak of the behemothic constraints of government bureaucracy.

    Dr. Robert Aziz: Mind the Leadership Gap: Why it should have been called the White House Office of Goodwill Neighborhood Partnerships

  • Im very nervous about the college's behemothic State School-ness.

    i-claudius Diary Entry

  • Of course, the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 2 Champion was originally booked to settle his differences with the Tennessee native in the main event of UFC 107 on Dec. 12 following his return to the TUF franchise as a coach at war with Jackson in the heavyweight season populated with big bellies and behemothic beards.

    MMA Mania

  • WALL-E - like premise sees all humanity under the thrall of the behemothic Misner Corporation, which long ago invented a new source of energy that gave it a global monopoly on all facets of human life.

    The Guardian World News

  • It's nearly here - that all too brief island of time nestled between the great, grey behemothic oceans of This Week and Next Week.

  • For a sizeable group of writers, this method of publishing has even become an ideological position, with iUniverse, Lulu and others supposedly leveling the field by allowing writers to bypass slow, exclusionary, and behemothic "traditional" publishers, while avoiding the DIY hassle of true self-publishing.

    Writer Beware Blogs!

  • Having used the behemothic blue riband event to strip the UEFA Cup of whatever lustre it once had UEFA have come up with the Europa League as a way of breathing life into their second tier event.

    Soccer Blogs - latest posts

  • It’s been a long time since Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand allowed their evil souls to intertwine and become as one behemothic being of pure malevolence.

    Jonathan Ross Made Kelly Osbourne Hysterical?

  • Or during that brief period when I was pregnant with the little man…after I’d popped out and was glowing, but before I became behemothic.

    weapons of massdistraction › Your Focus Determines Your Reality


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