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  • n. A dull, dogmatic, unoriginal person who uses stale language and platitudes, and disregards the eccentric, daring, decadent, or unusual; a humorless bourgeois.
  • n. One who lacks charm, joie de vivre, blitheness, or self-expression. A bland, banal person.
  • n. Politics: A political centrist or politically correct person, an unphilosophical adherent to the zeitgeist.


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  • Then she'll come out with "oh are you ashamed with it?" then of cours the standard beigist recently graduated from a prestigious liberal arts college answer is..."no I'm proud of my countries' traditoins of individual expression but of course I'm against the current administrations belligerent policies.." hey fool wrong goddamn response.

    Why Miss Snark loves Satan***


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