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  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of belittle.


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  • Name-calling belittles yourself, not the person whom you attack.

  • It belittles the revered, and celebrates any and all irrational means of bringing opposites back in line with one another.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God

  • No one insults anyone else, no one belittles anyone else.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentices

  • It belittles the opposition to simply equate their position with that of slave-owners or Nazis, although it may be analogous.

    ProWomanProLife » Bring out the philosophy profs!

  • The disparaging attitude to those who write such shows, that they only do so purely for the money, implies that such writing is easy, which belittles the work being done.

    Those shows « Write Anything

  • Daniel Kawczynski belittles the struggle of hundreds of thousands of oppressed people throughout history by describing Otis Ferry as a ‘political prisoner.’

    Labour List visits my Farm

  • In The Iron Lady there is the excruciating cabinet ministers' scene in which Margaret Thatcher belittles her faithful Chancellor of the Exchequer, even exposing his spelling mistakes.

    John Philip Newell: 'The Iron Lady' Or 'The Lady'

  • Whereas this comparison between abortion and the Holocaust insults and slanders the millions of post-abortive women who made the incredibly difficult and personal decision to have an abortion, and belittles the racist and hateful motivations of the Nazi movement and genocide of six million people;

    ProWomanProLife » Back to school

  • To me, this is like a man who continually belittles and publicly attacks his wife for all sorts of real or perceived flaws while making a living as a speaker at marriage conferences and a counselor for husbands seeking to save their marriages.


  • "The celebration of heterosexual pride is inappropriate because it belittles the just cause of the LGBT community," the association said in a statement.

    Todd Hartley: I'm With Stupid: Pride (In the Name of Heterosexual Love)


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