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  • n. An explosive, of Swedish invention, consisting of a mixture of 5 parts of ammonium nitrate with 1 part of meta-dinitrobenzene, melted together, pressed while warm, and granulated.


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  • Roburite, bellite, and securite should perhaps be regarded as belonging to the Sprengel class of explosives, otherwise this class is not manufactured or used in England.

    Nitro-Explosives: A Practical Treatise

  • Heated in an open vessel, bellite loses its consistency at 90° C., but does not commence to separate before a temperature of 200° C. is reached, when it evaporates without exploding.

    Nitro-Explosives: A Practical Treatise

  • Fifteen grms. of bellite fired by means of fulminate, projected a shot from an ordinary mortar, weighing 90 lbs., a distance of 75 yards, 15 grms. of gunpowder, under the same conditions, throwing it only 12 yards.

    Nitro-Explosives: A Practical Treatise

  • Granulated bellite explodes fully by the aid of fulminating mercury.

    Nitro-Explosives: A Practical Treatise


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