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  • n. A handle attached to a rope that rings a bell.


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  • Then one cold, fog-bound Sunday afternoon, while I worked on student papers in my fire-snug study at home, the bellpull at my front door clanged twice.

    In The Shadow of The Cypress

  • But a brass plate beside the bellpull—so small as to be almost a label—distinguished this establishment from its companions.

    The Dressmaker

  • So many people did not read what was written beside the bellpull.

    The Dressmaker

  • She watched through lowered eyelashes as Mrs. Dark jerked the silk bellpull that would summon Miranda to come and take Tessa back to her room.

    Clockwork Angel

  • Remembering what Will had said, that one had to have Shadowhunter blood to open the door, Tessa reached for the bellpull that hung beside it and yanked it, hard, but heard no sound.

    Clockwork Angel

  • He crossed to the gold-tasseled bellpull and tugged.

    One Night in Scotland

  • The teacup lay on its side, its brown contents soaking into the pale green carpet, but he made no move toward the bellpull.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • He yanked at a bellpull hanging by the door, and when the orderly reappeared, instructed him to convey me to the necessary facilities.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • She shivered and went to the bellpull to summon Muiren, but just as her fingers closed around it, her door was rudely opened and MacLean strode in.

    The Laird Who Loved Me

  • She reached for the enormous iron bellpull that hung from the architrave, then hesitated.

    Cassandra Clare: The Mortal Instrument Series


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