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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bellyache.


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  • Sure, he bellyached in the offseason about wanting a trade to a team sporting a 3-4 defense — believing that would better showcase his unique skill set — and, yes, his $16.7 million salary ate up a huge percentage of Carolina's salary-cap space, forcing the team to jettison crucial depth.

    Team MVPs for 2009: Who were NFL's top performers this year?

  • Supporters in Britain bellyached at the time about foreigners who knew nothing about the beautiful game running their beloved team into the ground, both financially and on the pitch.

    Manchester United Goes East

  • But intuition rarely leaves us alone and on the night before the "unsettling news," I had a dream which accurately described the unfortunate event and I bellyached about the dream to my friends.

    Laura Day: Thriving in Adversity

  • Conservatives have ballyhooed and bellyached about this for over a month without the slightest bit of understanding of the problem.

    The Disaster

  • The left bellyached & moaned over when the military was primarily draftees with no choices, & now with their arguments with an all VOLUNTEER force they would pounce at the opportunity of saying the most respected institution in this country is in the early stages of mutiny in their eyes.

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  • When Diana Kennedy bellyached that the food Texans were cooking was an abomination of her beloved la cocina Mexicana, Texans replied, You're right.

    The essence of Tex-Mex | Homesick Texan

  • In the mid 1980 ` s the Wendy's Hamburger chain ran an attention-grabbing advertising campaign in which an octogenarian (who sounded amazingly like Helen Thomas) bellyached about the stingy amount of meat on her sandwich; "where ` s the beef?" became a nationally known slogan, and embodied the prosperity of our nation.

    Sound Politics: Faith-based initiatives

  • “We never do anything fun together anymore,” I bellyached to my devoted and doting husband Ilan.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love

  • Then in college I was home for the summer and helped my mom out with a cocktail party she threw without being asked and she was very impressed with my sudden maturity -- I had always previously bellyached about having to greet and serve guests.

    Top Ten Novels

  • It's not impressive to have thought that up, and it certainly doesn't amount to a qualification for anything other than to appease the people who bellyached about Brennan.

    Why did Obama pick Leon Panetta — a man with no significant experience in intelligence — to head the C.I.A.?


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